Adoption Gave Texas Rapper Real Smokesta A New Identity

 Born Carl Lee Hendricks in Taylor, Texas came into this world born to a 15 year old teenager. Common now but wasn't so common in the late 70's.

At the age of 6 years old he was taken into child protective custody and placed in numerous foster homes. By the age of 8 years old he was adopted. 

His adopted parents kept his first name Carl to not confuse him at a young age. This where it gets interesting.

One day he approached his new Mother as she was doing laundry and asked her a question that would forever change his name.

"So why don't you have any biological kids?" he asked.

Not something a typical kid ask right?

His Mother looked as if she knew one day this question would come and as curious as he looked how could you not be truthful?

She had no other children because she couldn't have none. She carried one time only to have a miscarriage. 

"Mom what does miscarriage mean?" he asked.

"He didn't make it" she softly explains.

Trying to cheer up his Mom he then asked, "Well you said he so what was his name going to be?"

She then said "Michael".

For 20 seconds it was silent. Then the young Carl spoke, "Change my name to Michael. Michael is who I am".

The young kid got his wish. Today Real Smokesta has two son's... also name Michael.